We are committed to providing world-class professional interpreting for ISD students, parents, and staff members. We also procure foreign language interpretation and certified Deaf interpreters as needed for activities at ISD. Please review the information on our department and contact our office with any concerns, or questions about the interpreting process, best practices, or to receive interpreting resources.

ASL -interpreters@isd.k12.in.us

Spanish -spanishtranslations@isd.k12.in.us

ISD  Interpreting Services strives to provide consistent, high quality interpreting services within the bilingual and bicultural school environment so that everyone can be seen, heard and understood.

The Interpreting Services Office is committed to providing interpreting for ISD students, families, and staff members. The interpreting services office also provides foreign language interpreters, certified deaf interpreters and translates documents as needed. Contact us for information about the interpreting process and best practices, community resources, and advocacy.

Getting an Interpreter


Many campus events have ASL/English or foreign spoken language interpreters present. Want to attend an event at ISD and want to ensure you have access? Contact the school secretary:

Elementary and ECE, Scott Tilson - stilson@isd.k12.in.us

Middle School, Felicia Hubbard - fhubbard@isd.k12.in.us

High School, Melissa Ward - mward@isd.k12.in.us


Some interpreting agencies will have a special fund to pay for interpreters for private family events/gatherings such as weddings, baby showers, etc. Reach out to your local agency to see if they have funding available for family events.


There are federal laws that require local businesses, medical facilities, courts, government, and other services provided to the public, to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Steps to request an ASL Interpreter in the Community:

1. As early as possible, tell the organization that an ASL interpreter is needed.

2. Be ready to provide names of agencies to the organization. Often hiring interpreters is a new experience for them and it will make the process much easier if you have the information ready.

3. Find an interpreting agency in your area.

If the organization will not provide an interpreter, here are steps you can take to make sure you get an interpreter for your child.

1. Share information about the ADA with the organization.

Titles of the ADA

Employment (title I)

State & Local Government (title II)

Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (title III)

2. Reach out to a local interpreting agency or ISD Interpreting Services interpreters@isd.k12.in.us for assistance in advocating for you with the organization.

Getting a videophone (VP) for your child

A video phone is a device that allows your child to call friends, family, businesses, or other people using sign language. They can call directly to another person that has a video phone or they can automatically connect to an interpreter AT NO COST to interact with a hearing person. Not only that, if you need an interpreter that uses ASL and speaks Spanish, that is available by requesting a Spanish interpreter when calling to connect with the hearing person.

​Video phones are FREE to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. All that is needed is a connection to high-speed internet. Various companies provide video phones to deaf or hard of hearing individuals.

​Once your child is approved for a video phone, a representative from the company will bring the equipment needed to set up the device and install it for you.

​Click one of the links below to fill out the application for a free videophone.

  • Sorenson Video Relay