Educational Tour Requests

Community/Local Education Agency Educational Tour Requests

Requests for educational visits come from a variety of people and groups (professionals working with Deaf and hard of hearing children, college and high school students, ASL programs, State officials, deaf community leaders, home school groups and the general public. We at the Indiana School for the Deaf would like to offer opportunities to visit our school and learn about Deaf Education.

We have scheduled 2 educational visits for the 2023-2024 school year: Thursday November 2, 2023 & Thursday February 8th. Walk-ins are not available; you must sign up in advance. There are a limited number available for each date, so please plan ahead. To sign-up, email Melissa Stewart at or call 317-550-4853.

These visits are for the general public and different than educational visits for prospective students. If you are interested in enrolling your student, contact Shannon Crawford

Campus Tour

Educational Tour - For the Public

For questions, to request additional information or to schedule an Educational Tour.

Contact: Melissa Hopper, Administrative Assistant, Office of Director of Instruction

Voice: 317-550-485


Respective Family Tour - For Potential Enrollment

Shannon Crawford, Audiologist and New Student Coordinator

Voice: 317-550-4858

Videophone: 317-493-0479



We are not open to visitors at any time. Visitors must have an appointment prior to arriving the Indiana School for the Deaf.

To request a tour, please contact Melissa at