In 1951, PTCO was established to provide parents with meaningful ways to be involved with their children’s education at the Indiana School for the Deaf. After all these years, PTCO still continues with that tradition. It is our belief that parents are a vital ingredient to student success. Working together, we can achieve our goals now and for many years to come. However, we need your help.


Through the bilingual/bicultural philosophy, PTCO exists to serve as an advocate and financial supporter for the diverse educational needs and rights of all Deaf and hard-of-hearing children and their families at the Indiana School for the Deaf.


The purpose of the PTCO is to enhance and support the educational experience at the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD), to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement, and to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, administration, dormitory staff, and the community.


Due to recent budget restraints, the PTCO has increased its fundraising efforts. Money raised by the PTCO will be used for classroom education and technology resources that provide direct benefit to a majority of students. Many of these fundraising activities are in the form of fun, family and/or parent events. Please support these fundraising efforts.


PTCO has many committees with which parents can become involved. Some of the committees are:

  • Fundraising
  • PTCO Day
  • Staff Appreciation
  • New Family Welcoming/Mentor Program
  • Scholarship
  • Bridge Program for Hearing Parents
  • Parent Involvement

We need your help to make all of this happen! PTCO encourages and welcomes parent involvement. Please share your unique gifts and talents with us to help make a difference for all ISD students. It will mean a lot to your children, too. We want your ideas, comments, concerns and suggestions.


The newsletter PTCO Corner is published several times throughout the school year and posted to the website.

Board Meetings are held once a month and open to the public. Come and see what we are doing and how you can get involved. Contact a board member for time and location.

General Meetings are held quarterly to provide an overview of PTCO happenings. School administrators attend and provide updates on the educational departments. Question and answer sessions are held to discuss topics of interest to you. Interpreters and child care are provided.