Middle School

The Middle School Department of the Indiana School for the Deaf is accredited by the North Central Association (NCA). We offer curricula under the Indiana Department of Education Proficiency Standards with emphasis on linguistic and cognitive skills with real-world applications.

The Middle School comprises the sixth through the eighth grades. The curricula encompasses Language Arts (English & Reading), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, ASL and Deaf Studies, Physical Education and Health, as well as quarterly class rotations. It utilizes technology, especially computers, as productivity tools. There are seven class periods per day.

This year, we went from an eight period day to a seven period day. With this change, we had to make some scheduling adjustments. Students will have Physical Education quarterly instead of all year long. We have class rotations every nine weeks. Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades will be able to experience a variety of Career Technical Education class throughout their Middle School years. Such classes include Art, Digital Media Tools, Photography, Greenhouse, Cooking, Career Explorations, Music Explorations, Basic Computer Skills, Personal Finance, and Job Skills Training.

One organization that we promote is our Middle School Student Council. All students participate in activities provided by the Student Council. The students work on leadership skills that will benefit them in the future.

The Middle School offers a full range of athletic opportunities for students, including football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, softball, track and field, and cheerleading. Other recreational and educational activities are also provided for residential students through the ISD Student Life division.

Martin Keller, Jr. is the principal of the Middle School Department.